Are deposits refundable? No. Once a deposit is paid it is not refundable.

Are events fees refundable? No. Once the registration is received and the entire fee paid it is not refundable.

Is staying at the SBO accommodations required? Yes.

Is participation in the entire SBO required? Yes. There is no partial participation. I.E. arrive a day late or leave a day early: you must be there for the entire three and 1/2 days.

Can I stay somewhere else other than the listed SBO accommodations and just meet the group at the ministry location? No. Everyone stays at the same SBO accommodations, participates in the scheduled teaching and ministers together for the entire outreach as is listed o the event page.

Are tracts provided? Yes.

Are Bibles provided? No. You bring your own Bible.

Is amplification allowed and if so what amperage? Yes. The amp level depends on the local city ordinance. This will be posted on the event page.

What is the dress code? Modest, casual and comfortable for men and women. For women modest means: no tight clothes and no cleavage showing. Short pants for men and women are discouraged.

Are men and women allowed to participate? Yes, however, if the accommodations are not suitable for men and women then a particular SBO may be for men only.

Are women allowed to preach? No. See Roles of Women.

Are references required for each SBO? Yes. References are good for one year. See Reference Requirements.

Does ‘Hello Officer” have to be signed for each SBO? Yes unless you have signed it for a previous SFOI event within the prior 12 months.

Do ‘waivers’ need to be signed for each SBO? Yes.