Dr. Scott Keith

1517. The Legacy Project Contributor

Dr. Keith will speak about Melanchthon’s view of the Law and Gospel.

Dr. Scott Keith
Dr. Scott Keith holds a Ph.D. (Foundation House / Oxford) in Systematic Theology where he was honored to study under Dr. James A. Nestingen (Luther Seminary, Emeritus) and Dr. Robin Gibbons (Kellogg College, Oxford). His research focused on the doctrine of good works in Philip Melanchthon’s 1535 edition of the Loci communes theologici. Currently, he holds the position of Associate Dean of Student Affairs where he manages the department of Residential Education. Scott also serves as Adjunct Professor of Theology at Concordia University, Irvine. At Concordia University, Scott teaches: Theology in Contemporary Culture, Core Theology, Freshman Seminar, and Student Leadership Seminar. Dr. Keith also is the Director of Operations and Scholarship for 1517 the Legacy Project.

To date, Scott has published several articles and book chapters that examine various aspects of the theology of Philip Melanchthon, as well as articles and book chapters on a Lutheran approach to Student Affairs, and an article on the ethics of tuition based theological education systems. His forthcoming book, Being a Dad – The Redemptive Magic in a Father’s Love, examines the theology of fatherhood and the father’s apologetic potential in the home. He is a weekly contributor to The Jagged Word and a regular contributor to 1517 the Legacy Project.

Dr. Keith has been married for twenty-one years to the love of his life, Joyce Lynn Clare Keith. They have three wonderful children, of whom they are very proud: Caleb Emerson Keith (20), Joshua Theodore Keith (18), and Autumn Whitney Grace Keith (15).


Dr. James Renihan

Dean of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies

Dr. James Renihan will speak about divine impassibility.

Dr. James Renihan
Dr. James M. Renihan is Professor of Historical Theology and Dean of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies. His primary task is to lecture on subjects related to Theology, Church History and Pastoral Theology, helping to prepare men for ordination in Reformed Baptist churches. He spends time with the students to pray with and encourage them, and helps to organize their internships. He is responsible for academic affairs at IRBS, and coordinates all relations with Westminster Seminary California. In addition, he travels to represent IRBS both in North America and around the world. He has preached in many churches and has taught modular courses at other theological institutions in Canada, Ukraine, Zambia, the Philippines and New Zealand. Dr. Renihan works closely with the IRBS Board of Trustees in all matters of policy.

Jim was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and came to faith in Christ when he was fifteen years old. His wife Lynne grew up in the church where Jim heard the gospel. They were baptized on the same day and have been married for thirty-five years. They have five children who all follow Christ, and six grandchildren. Jim was ordained to the Gospel Ministry in 1984 and has served as pastor of churches in New York, Massachusetts and California. In 1998 he was called to serve as the first professor and dean of IRBS and has lived in Escondido, CA ever since. He is presently one of the pastors of Christ Reformed Baptist Church, Vista, CA. In 2012, two of his sons graduated from IRBS/WSC and have since been ordained to the Gospel Ministry and serve in ARBCA churches.