Dorothy Boyett – Lubbok, TX

I became a Christian in the 70’s,. attended church faithfully and engaged in all the activities although I only shared my faith when asked. When I read Hell’s Best Kept Secret I understood true Biblical repentance versus false conversion. I started handing out tracts and enrolled in the school of biblical evangelism on-line. After attending the Great News Network boot camp in 2004 my life took on a new role I was now “going out of my way” to engage people in Biblical conversations.

I heard about the work Bill Adams was doing with Sports Fans Outreach and signed up for the Super Bowl outreach in Dallas. Since then I have attended several and had the opportunity to go with a team to my native England for several evangelistic events.

I am a member of Temple Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. Each week I go to Texas Tech University to hand out tracts and do one-to one witnessing.

Bryan Braddy – Wakeforest, NC

My name is Bryan Braddy. I am 37 years old and I live in Wake Forest, N C. I been married for 11 years to my wonderful wife Emily, and I have (3) kids: Colin (16), Aidan (10), and Dylan (7). I am a project manager for a local general contractor names Resolute Building Company in Chapel Hill, NC. I came to know Jesus Christ just last January of 2014 after moving to Wake Forest from High Point, NC and finding our current church at Richland Creek.

My brother Zack has taught me, by taking me with him to parades and other local events around Raleigh, NC how to evangelize on the streets and other universities. I enjoy sharing my faith with others and look forward to opportunities at these events to speak about Christ.

I love to run, go to the beach, and spend time with my family. This will be my first Super Bowl Outreach

Zack Braddy – Wake Forest, NC

My name is Zack Braddy.  I am 34 years old. I live in Wake Forest, NC.  I have been married for 11 years to my beautiful wife, Kim, and I have 4 children: Halie (9), Peyton (6), Lucas (5), and Ava (1).  I work for Wells Fargo in Real Estate Technical Services. I came to know Jesus Christ 14 years ago at East Carolina University through the campus ministry of Campus Crusade.  I have been privileged to go on several mission trips making Jesus known, including two summer projects with Crusade, and several trips to Europe, Africa, and southeast Asia.

I became passionate about street evangelism and reaching the lost in this way in 2008, largely due to the ministry of LIving Waters and Ray Comfort.  I have attended a couple of Ambassador’s Academies, and upon returning home to Raleigh from those trips, have begun to open air preach on a weekly basis at a local abortion clinic.  I also frequent a local university in my area, and enjoy preaching Jesus at the local parades and other events. I love to workout, play sports, go to the beach, and spend time with my family.

Dennis Buchanan –  Huntsville, AL

I was raised by my mom in a housing project in Jacksonville, Alabama. The youngest of four brothers, and with my mother working all the time, I was exposed to the drug culture and party scene at a very young age. 3 1/2 years ago, after 38 years in active addiction, and following a failed suicide attempt, I was homeless when released from the hospital in Gadsden Alabama. Having nowhere to go the hospital put me in a taxi and sent me 2 hours north to Huntsville. I had never been to Huntsville before and all I knew was I was here because they had a homeless shelter called The Downtown Rescue Mission. The mission is a Christian organization that really believes in helping those in need with Christ’ love and sharing the gospel. Before you eat a meal there you are required to listen to a 15 minute devotion offered by a guest pastor. On my third night there I was listening to the pastor speak, and to be honest, I can’t remember from what passage he spoke, all I know is something I heard drew me in like nothing I had known, ever. I confessed Christ as Lord, and prayed for forgiveness of sin and for His saving grace right then and there. The next day I found out that the Downtown Rescue Mission has a year long in house discipleship and recovery program. The recovery comes by way of surrender to Christ and a renewal of the heart and mind through discipleship. Program residents receive approximately 2000 hours of bible study during their time there. Near the end of my year there I found my church home. Crosspointe church in Madison Alabama has been a blessing to me and has helped me to grow immensely in my walk with Christ in such a remarkably short period of time. I have been discipled by some of the most godly men anyone could ever have the privilege of studying under. Men like Mike Krause Sr. , Vince Stiffler, and Paul Harvey were placed in my path and I in theirs. God is now using me to lead men’s bible study, share the gospel in the evening devotion at the Rescue Mission (yes, the same where I first heard the gospel) and I am a manager at one of the seven area thrift stores that are the main financial support for the mission. I know this now, there is absolutely no way I can keep to myself this gift of His amazing Grace that has been given to me. After all, if I discovered tomorrow the cure for cancer, could I keep that to myself? Well, the cure for sin and death has been given me and I will NOT be silent! Soli Deo Gloria!

Alex Burt  – Bethlehem, GA

My name is Alex Burt. I am married to a wonderful woman named Kim and we have two children. Kaitlyn is 21 and Luke is 16.

God found it in His mercy to save me in 1997 and I almost immediately felt the calling to take the Gospel of Jesus outside the four walls of the church. I remember hearing an old preacher say: “I hear all these young preachers complaining about not having anywhere to preach! Last time I checked, there was still a sidewalk out there!”

Although I didn’t realize it at the time, that triggered something inside me and before I knew it, I was outside our local Courthouse the first Saturday of every month preaching.

God really messed up my “normal” Christian life when I ran across Ray Comfort and his teaching, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”. After hearing that sermon and listening to it many times I knew God was calling me to open air evangelism. My job relocated my family to Arizona in 2004 and while living there I was able to attend the Ambassadors’ Academy in California. Immediately following the academy I began going to Mill Avenue, which is right beside Arizona State University, and sharing the Gospel on Saturday nights.

In God’s providence we relocated to Bethlehem, Ga. in 2009, with the University of Georgia only 20 miles away. I am blessed to be able to share the Gospel through tracts, one on one conversations and open air preaching in downtown Athens on Friday nights and before home football games.

Alex Burt

2 Corinthians 5:21

Bryan Chuchta Jr. – Youngsville, NC

The only working to be done in the Christian faith is obeying Jesus Christ. One cannot work to be saved but obeying Jesus Christ is proof of our salvation. We obey Jesus by reading the Bible, praying, and evangelizing.

I trained with Tommy Waltz in Charlotte North Carolina. During that time he taught a class about street preaching and what that entails. I took the class as well as helped him with video and audio recording in that class as well as on the street. I also talking to people on the street when I had the spare time.

I have never been the best with sharing my faith. I remember a few times but I have only in the past two years evangelized more.

I became a Christian when i was very young but I believe I didn’t understand it really and only truly became a Christian three years ago after attending a Christian camp. I soon after was baptized.  

These past few years I have grown the most. I had my fifth concussion and was severely disabled. I could not do many things I used to be able to. After some time I was in a car accident and got my sixth concussion which set me back even further. God has still been faithful and has been teaching me very valuable lessons. With these injuries I have grown closer to God and valued my faith much more.  

Jared Christian – Huntsville, AL

From New England now residing in Huntsville, Alabama, Jared Christian uses his spare time to serve the brethren and his church whenever opportunities arise. During his service in the United States Air Force he was able to directly observe and participate in foreign mission organizations. Foreign evangelistic efforts generally involve heavy street ministries which has sparked his interest in U.S. Based street preaching and evangelism efforts. Jared is Orthodox Presbyterian and desires to share the word of God with others in service to Christ.

Jamie Clark – Lexington, SC

I was a false convert for most of my life, demonstrating no fruit nor love for the things of God. In 2003, a brother shared the Gospel with me, and, by God’s grace, I was brought to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Since that time, He has put on my heart a profound burden to reach out to a lost and dying world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, knowing that He is man’s only hope.  With the blessing of our pastor at Lexington Baptist Church, I proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the open air, as well as distribute tracts and engage in individual conversations, on a weekly basis in downtown Columbia, SC , where the Lord has been gracious to allow me to serve as a leader for Gospel of God Ministries. I’m humbled for the opportunity to preach Christ through the ministry of Sports Fan Outreach, and the SFOI 1000 to SEC fans, knowing how big college football is here in the Southeast. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful wife, Kathy, and two children

Matthew Cochran – Hadley, PA

My name is Matthew James Cochran and I am delighted to share with you the good things God has done in my life. I was born in Griffin Georgia in 1990. Six years later in 1996 I saw a play done at the local church my family was attending. The play was about five missionaries who were martyred, because they were trying to share the gospel in Ecuador to the Auca tribe. Their names were Jim Elliot, Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Pete Fleming, and Ed Mccully and their story is what the Holy Spirit used to convict me of my sin. At that time in my young life I could hardly think of anything I had ever done wrong. There was only one thing that I was unsure about. So, I asked my father if it was sin and he confirmed that it was. That is when I knew I was in trouble and I began my journey of faith to follow Christ. The blood of the martyrs is what led me to Christ and is one big reason why I have a passion for missions.

I recall first learning to evangelize with the Mennonites. We went to NYC when I was 17 we passed out a lot of gospel tracks and sang on the streets. I went with them my senior year in high school the following year. I cherish those times in NYC and respect the Mennonites very much. After high school I became dormant in sharing my faith but years later Bruce Henderson gave me a copy of Hell’s Best kept secret while I was in college. Not long after that I began sporadically sharing my faith and handing out trillion dollar tracts. In 2014 I was heading to class at Slippery Rock University when Jennifer Pepling gave me a St. Patrick’s Day gospel tract. That is when I began going to her Bible Study and I eventually became involved with the Christian Collegian Network a college campus ministry that focuses on evangelizing on college campuses. I am excited about this opportunity to go to Georgia my physical and spiritual birthplace. Thank you all in advance for your prayers.

Gerry Collins – Bakersfield, CA

I was not brought up in a Christian home and was influenced for the Gospel by other family members attending church where the Gospel was proclaimed. I made a profession of faith at around 14 years of age but soon that profession was placed on the back burner during my teen years. While in the Air Force as firefighter at age 20 God had me surrounded by Christians who shared the truth with me and this is the point where I truly believe God saved me and changed my heart for Him. AT around 2003 the Lord caused me through His word to fall in love with the Gospel all over again and gave me a hunger to share Christ with the lost more than I ever had before. I have been greatly encouraged in faith and desire to share Christ by the ministry of Livingwaters/Way of the Master. I have attended Ambassadors Academy which has opened up for me to participate in street evangelism. I am married wonderful woman and have 5 grown children. My desire is share the Gospel with as many people as possible as God allows.

John Crowley – FL

2004 Born Again at Calvary Chapel

2006 Share Jesus without fear Training

2009 Way of the Master BasicTraining

2009 Way of the Master Intermediate Training

2010 Ambassador Academy Way of the Master

2011 Foot of the Cross Bible and leadership training

2012 Grief Share leader- Calvary Chapel Leadership

2014 Super Bowl Outreach New York

2008-Present The Bridge Evangelist -President

2014-Present His Glory –Evangelist outreach

Adam Cutshaw – Manchester, TN

Adam Cutshaw is an unworthy slave of Christ and knows obedience to God’s commands is merely doing what an unworthy slave should do (Luke 17:10). Adam was raised in a Christian fundamentalist home and made multiple false professions of faith throughout his life. For several years during and after college God brought much sadness, despair and a sense of guilt that continued to cause conviction of sins and a reality of being lost. After several years of searching, God graciously revealed to Adam the truths and realities found in the Doctrines of Grace. Adam began to understand even the faith to believe in Jesus for salvation was a gift of God (Eph. 2:8). One morning while alone and under the moving of the Holy Spirit, Adam cried out to God for salvation and God graciously saved a self-righteous, unworthy sinner. Adam is married to his wife of 11 years, Whitney and has a daughter Karaline (6) and a son Kalel (4) He has been a city police officer, a semi-professional football player, a body guard and diamond transporter, a federal government security contractor and is currently a Master Barber and preaching elder of Encounter Life Church.  Adam is enrolled in Ekklesia Theological Seminary, and can be found preaching in both open air and behind the pulpit of the local church. Adam is also involved in weekly Bible study at the local county jail. Adam and his family live in southern middle Tennessee on the banks of the Duck River. Adam desires to be used by God however God directs.

Bryan Davenport – Wilmington, NC

Bryan has been blessed to be raised in a Christian home and, at the age of five, he accepted Christ’s sacrifice on the cross as the only way which he could be saved. Since then, God has given Bryan a passion for missions, both domestic and international. Fueled by that passion and under the blessing of the Holy Spirit, Bryan has been on several mission trips including one to Boston, two to Haiti, and multiple local to his previous hometown, Wake Forest and current hometown, Wilmington, North Carolina. Bryan is excited to see what God has in store for him as he looks ahead to 2019.

Dan Davis – Seymour, WI

Saved by the hand of God shortly after my wife was saved some 21 yrs ago now.  We have been married for 24 years and have had one daughter who’s recently married to a godly young man.  I’ve worked for Wisconsin in the highway department for about 20 years and now serve in the area of roadway maintenance.  I currently serve in our new local home fellowship “Word from the Barn” as the Life Events Deacon for the last 3yrs. I’ve been sharing my faith through testimony and tracts for about 20 years but only 3 years of experience in open air preaching.  I’m looking forward to laboring alongside my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith in a much larger venue SBO 16 and declaring the Glorious Gospel of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ.

David Day – Montgomery, AL

My name is David Day and I reside in Montgomery Alabama with my wife Amanda and our 4 children. My family and I are members of Morningview Baptist Church here in Montgomery where I serve as a deacon.

My family are in full time ministry as an Evangelist Catalyst / Missionary Service Corps Missionary with the North American Mission Board and Alabama Baptist Association.

I have been sharing my faith since the Lord quickened my heart in 2008 after hearing a sermon called, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” by Ray Comfort. This sermon was used by God to reveal to me my sin against Him by the use the Ten Commandments, being as what Paul stated they are, “A schoolmaster” Galatians 3:24 The Lord worked wonderfully in my heart through the gospel and continues to this day to sanctify me, to draw me from sin, and to Lord willing to make me and my family as Thomas Watson has said, “an instrument of the glorifying God.”

Find David on Social Media at:

Matt De Jesus – Glendale, Arizona

I was introduced to the Gospel message at 10 years of age. I went forward at my church, made a profession of faith, and was baptized- not fully understanding what I was doing. My road of sanctification, like many of you can relate, has been a rocky one. As I grew to became an adult I learned intimately what God meant when He had Malachi refer to Him as “a refinerʼs fire…” (Mal 3:2) as well as the passage in Proverbs that tells us He disciplines those He loves (Prov 3:12).
God was purifying me by ripping the sin, which I was clutching to so tightly, out of my hands. No discipline at the time is pleasurable, but needed. Needed to become a useful vessel that would honor God, not bringing a reproach to His name. This is an ongoing process until Glory. After years of watching “On The Box” and “Wretched” I had the opportunity to meet Tony Miano. I helped him with several videos and I learned quite a bit about street evangelism. I was so inspired that I had to open my mouth as well to proclaim the Gospel. Iʼm now heading up a street evangelism team at my church and training others to do the same. Iʼve been married to a blessing of a wife, Roxanne, for 4 years now. I have 3 children ages 29, 19, and 17. The Lordʼs providence is constantly amazing me in how Heʼs working in my marriage and with my children. God has also blessed me with a video production business that Iʼve owned for the past 30 plus years. I produce national and regional commercials, corporate and marketing videos as well as independent feature films. I have also produced several videos for Tony Mianoʼs Cross Encounters Ministries as well as Apologia Church and others. Recently I started a faith-base division of my company called Sovereign Grace Media. It exists to bring the Gospel to a lost and dying world and to train those in the church through all forms of media.

Katie Elliott – Lexington, KY

My name is Katie Elliott. I am 18 years old. I grew up in a strong Christian family, and accepted Jesus as my Savior at a young age. Throughout high school, God did some amazing things in my life and He used some very hard situations in my life, both to draw me closer to Him. Thanks to Jesus Christ, I am saved, sanctified, and redeemed! I am currently a student at Kentucky Mountain Bible College, where I am pursuing God’s call to ministry.

Brandon Emerson – Normal, IL

Brandon Emerson was a false convert for most of his life, claiming to know Jesus while living as a drug addict in a very sinful, selfish lifestyle. But at 19 years old, he encountered the Lord and completely surrendered his life to Jesus, leaving everything that marked his old life behind. Immediately, God gave him a heart for ministry and he has since worked in various areas including evangelism, children’s and youth ministry. He and his wife of 15 years, Aubrey, have served as missionaries in South Africa and Guatemala, and are currently located in Bloomington, IL where Brandon serves as Associate Pastor at Journey Church and as an Evangelist under SFOI.

John Fedock – Austin, TX

I’ve been a Christian since September 2010. (For the sake of space, a longer version of my Christian testimony can be found on my blog at Almost from the outset of my Christian walk, it became apparent to me that much (if not most) of the professing “church” in America was not living like the Christians I saw in the Bible – men and women who were wholly committed to Christ and furthering the good news of the Gospel, and of advancing His church, no matter the cost. But still, at first, I allowed myself to think that all of my friends who merely paid lip service to being a “Christian” were, in fact, right with God.

That all changed in the Spring of 2013, or about 2.5 years into my walk. It was in the days leading up to oral arguments before The Supreme Court of the United States on one of the “same sex benefits” cases. Despite most of my friends at that time being people I assumed were “Christians,” there was an overwhelming flood of those red equal signs (for quote-unquote “equality”) in my news feed that day. My friends were, by and large, supporting homosexuality and were making a push for what was evident even then would ultimately become the acceptance and even celebration of homosexual “marriage.”

That day changed everything. The blinders were off, and I began to see the world for what it truly was. Lost, depraved, and completely adversarial to God in all things (or at least in all things that did not happen to coincide with what the culture surrounding them already wanted to believe). That began years’ worth of Facebook conversations and debates, and finally just boldly proclaiming the truth instead of trying to debate back and forth – the latter being the manner which I eventually realized was the more accurate command of Scripture, at least with respect to those who have hard hearts and aren’t genuinely seeking the truth, that being the manner of heralding the Truth of God, rather than “debating it.”

This process continued on for years, and in fact still continues to this day. For much of this time, I felt increasingly like I was “the only one” taking their faith so seriously, “the only one” who really truly cared. I often wondered where the Ravenhill’s and Whitefield’s and Wesley’s and John Knox’s of our day were, and even prayed for God to raise up such people, and hoping and praying that perhaps one day I could be one of them.

And then I met them! They were already out there, doing this very thing! In the summer of 2016, the Lord led me to attending what I called at the time “preaching camp,” also known as the George Whitefield Training Program put on by Sports Fan Outreach. It was there that I met many incredible Saints and wonderful Brothers who were doing that very thing! At the time, I was in seminary, so I couldn’t join them right away out in the streets due to my other commitments before the Lord. And to be honest, even after meeting them, it took some time for my heart to warm up (or perhaps more accurately, to be warmed up by the Lord) to join them. But slowly but surely, those opportunities arose. First, at the 2018 Final Four in San Antonio, just a fairly short Texas ride from where I live. Then in Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600, and eventually on my first trip ever to the “Other Side of the Pond” for the London trip this past October that was centered around the NFL London games. And now, it is with great pleasure and excitement, but also a deep burden and incredible awe, that I look forward to heralding the Gospel at the 2019 Super Bowl along so many of my fellow Christians – you know, the genuinely committed kind that are all too lacking in the American “church” – some of whom I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting, and many others who I suspect I’ll be meeting for the first time. And all of it for the Gospel of our Lord, King, and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Blake Fogle – Massillon, OH

My name is Blake Fogle. I am 20 years old and live in Canton, Ohio. I was saved by the mercy of the Lord at the age of 7 years old by the Spirit using my father to witness the Gospel to me as I was raised by my grandparents. I was raised in the United Methodist Church and was baptized by immersion when I turned 18. I soon left the UMC and came to find a Reformed Baptist Church in my town which holds to the 1689 London Baptist Confession and am now a member of. I am currently attending a community college for the spring and in the meantime studying theology as I hope, Lord willing, to attend seminary in the fall.


Rick Garland – Bakersfield, CA

My name is Rick Garland. I married my wife Amy in 2013 and we care for 2 foster children. I have been open air preaching since 2012.

In 2016 my church commissioned me as a missionary to minister on the streets as well as the prisons of California. My ministry is Lighthouse Gospel Ministries and my website is

In the prisons I preach Bible study and evangelistic chapels, provide Bible’s and Christian books for inmates as well as disciple men in Christian living.

Peter Garon – Bakersfield, CA

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, lived in Santa Clarita for a long time, and now live in Bakersfield, CA where I’m a member of Crossway Baptist Church. I’m married and have two adult children; our oldest is a police officer in Texas, and our youngest is at college and preparing for a life in missions.

I faced social isolation in my neighborhood, the schools I attended, and was subject to both verbal and physical persecution because I’m a Jew. I grew away from and left Reformed Judaism for Secular Humanism when I was in college. It was after this period that friendship evangelism led me to “believe” in Jesus around May of 1982. I was baptized at a solid church, and was a member at 3 evangelical churches spanning 28 years. I was on a missions committee, an AWANA leader for 7 years, a volunteer representative for a mission agency, a faithful member of the ushering team and even took part in a mission trip to Spain. And yet during all that time, and before April 23, 2010, I was not a Christian. I was a false convert busy living out Matthew 7:21-23. The modern false gospel reassured me I was saved, and a part of the Body of Christ, because I had an intellectual belief in Jesus, prayed a prayer and was baptized. I was actually on the broad road to destruction. All those accomplishments were done in the flesh (Romans 8:7-8).

When God saved me in 2010 I certainly wasn’t looking for it because, after all, I thought I already was. By His grace and for His glory, God revealed to me who and what I was. After three days of terror at the thought of my condemnation and futile life, I told God that I had sinned against Him more than I could know, but the worst was that I had claimed to be a Christian when I wasn’t. I told God I wouldn’t blame Him if He sent me to hell, but I begged Him to save me. I truly trusted Jesus as Lord and Savior by God’s grace alone through faith alone. I’m still surprised He saved me (see Acts 8:9-24). Afterwards I remember thinking as I drove home, “So this is what Christians feel like.”

The Bible verse I used at my false baptism was Revelation 3:20 (itself revealing). At my real baptism the verse I quoted was Matthew 7:21-23.

I started going out on the street to testify to God’s saving grace not long after, but it took over a year before I met up with evangelist Tony Miano. Tony took me with him as he heralded the Gospel, and trained me in evangelism. This will be my third Super Bowl with Sports Fan Outreach International. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Ben Grady – Madison, TN

My name is Ben Grady. I have been a servant of Christ for five years now. My childhood was spent in a secular home where I didn’t know anything about the Lord. The Lord got my attention after I came to Nashville and started attending a church where I was involved in a study through the Bible. For a time I struggled with whether the Bible could be trusted, but God supernaturally caused me to trust on His word and follow Jesus. Immediately I wanted to share the good news with others, although my knowledge was very shallow and filled with bad theology. I didn’t know anything about what it meant to follow Jesus, but I knew that He said that He had nowhere to lay His head and that those who claim to live in Him must walk as He walked, so I thought that God wanted me to be homeless to follow Him. I became voluntarily homeless, ended up at the local homeless shelter, went through their Life Recovery Program, and have now been on staff for a little over four years. Over time, God has opened my eyes to the glory of the depth of the gospel and good theology. The Lord has so blessed me to give me a job where I get to spread the gospel and work with computers at the same time. I now desire to do what I can to share with all of Jesus and to glorify God in doing so. I have also been blessed with a wonderful wife! We just celebrated our second anniversary.

Jamie Hall –  Myrtle Beach, SC

My name is James Hall. I’m from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I am single, never married. I am 43 years of age. I have been street evangelizing for 5 years. I currently evangelize on the street around my area as well as neighboring states, Superbowls and the Kentucky Derby.

At 16 years old I surrendered to the Lord’s will on my heart. After many months of suppressing the truth. Listening to the Pastor preach on Hell. I sat on the back row of a Southern Baptist Church and became aware that day that Hell was very real to me. I had no idea when I was gonna die, or had any control over my life.

Being brought up in a church that had man- centered beliefs, such as decisionism, works,  and tradition. I was unaware and had no discernment at the time.

Through studying of the Holy Scriptures for myself and relying on the Holy Spirit for discernment. Christ continually revealed the truth to me, and continues too, even to this day. About 10 years ago I heard a sermon that completely changed my life, called “Hell’s best kept Secret” – by Ray Comfort. The one sermon sparked the fuel for the fire in my desire and the love I had for Christ to share the Gospel.

Several years after being called to assistant teaching at the church I was from. I joined an evangelist group called The 5 Solas Outreach Ministry. After learning quite a bit of reform theology I was quickly brought to my knees again in repentance to the Lord. There I truly learned how to share my faith openly, Preaching through Open-Air, and one on one evangelism. We taught each other and Truly equipped ourselves for the work of the Lord.

Four years ago I defended my faith and view of the scriptures to my local church. After the confrontation I left my first church for Christ, my first love. I have attended two reformed churches since. The second Reformed Baptist church is my current church I attending now. Continuing to be edified by my Lord Jesus Christ till the day he calls me home. Soli Deo Gloria

Ken Hisle – Bloomington, Il

My name is Ken Hisle and I live in Bloomington, Illinois.  I have been married to my wife Dee for 24 years and my life’s passion is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with this lost world.  I have been doing open air preaching and street evangelism for about 7 years. I live minutes from Illinois State University and have joined with other men and women locally to do outreach in our community.

I have been blessed to attend the Ambassador’s Academy twice (#12 & #18), the Super Bowl Outreach in  2013, 2014 & 2015, Revival Preacher Training 2013, the Kentucky Derby 2013, 2014 & 2015 and Fall for Greenville 2012 and 2013.

For the past 2 1/2 years I have been traveling to Chicago with the Chicago Evangelism Team (you can find us on Facebook) at least once per month and we are beginning to travel to other large cities within a few hours of us (St. Louis, Indianapolis).  I am currently a self-employed contractor and one day hope to be doing full time evangelism…Lord willing!

Joe Hinson –  Denton, TX

I have been married for going on 20 years to Missy. We’ve been together since high school. We have 2 sons, Seth 14 and Ben 10. We live in Denton Texas about an hour north of Dallas.
I lived as a false convert for several years until around 10 years ago when by God’s grace I came into contact with Ray Comfort’s “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversion”. The first message helped me to truly understand the Gospel and the second revealed my complete absence of Faith in said Gospel.
Currently my family and I are making preparations to relocate to the Provo Utah area to Lord willing be a part of disciples being made and see churches being planted.
Soli Deo Gloria!

Kris Hudson – Fargo, ND

Kris Hudson has been evangelizing the streets of Fargo, North Dakota since August 2011. The areas that he has evangelized include stoplight preaching at various intersections in Fargo, Newman Outdoor Field (minor league baseball stadium), North Dakota State University (NDSU), F-M Pride Parade, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Fargodome. Currently, he has been preaching by the Fargodome after NDSU football games.

Kris grew up in a very solid Christian home. God had already saved both of his parents before they got married. When Kris was in first grade he said the sinner’s prayer. From that point on until his first year of college he thought he was saved because he said the prayer but in reality was unconverted. God started drawing him during his senior year of high school. God started to correct and reprove his worldly focus on life by letting him think about his own mortality. After that God used a local church’s college ministry to bring him truth about salvation. On December 30, 2009 God granted him repentance and faith after talking with a fellow Christian about salvation.

Kris got a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics in 2013 from NDSU. He is currently seeking to become an actuary.

Kris attended Living Waters Ambassador’s Academy #20 in July 2011. God used that experience as a launching pad into regular street evangelism. He has also participated in Cru’s Big Break 2013 and 2014 outreaches and Super Bowl Outreach 2015 (Phoenix). He is really looking forward to continue to proclaim the gospel in San Francisco for SBO 2016.

Find Kris on Facebook at:

Jerry Jones – Carthage, TX

My name is Jerry Jones. I am 28 years old and live in Carthage, Texas. I have been blessed with an amazing Godly wife, Tiffany, and we have 3 children. I grew up going to southern baptist Churches and said the sinner’s prayer when I was 7. Shortly after this my parents divorced I remained out of Church until I was about 21. I went on and off, but never had any type of relationship with God. I began going to Church regularly when I was 23, but it was just religion and no relationship. I got fairly involved in Church activities, and God graciously revealed the true gospel to me through “The Shocking Youth Video” when I was 26. I do not know an exact date of salivation, but shortly afterwards God gave me a desire to study His word and spend more time than I could ever have imagined being able to, apart from His grace, in prayer. I began having conviction that if I was a true believer I should share my faith, and always admired people who were able to stand out in the open air and proclaim the gospel. My wife and I got conviction to go to an abortion mill and call out to women, and through this outreach met Seth Capps. I was able to watch him preach at a local festival, and though it was horrible, the Lord gave me the ability to proclaim the gospel to the masses in November 2014. God has been so amazing in orchestrating all these Godly men and women in my life who have helped shape me and disciple me. I am excited to grow through attending this outreach, and also looking forward to meeting fellow evangelist from across America. This is my first SFOI event!

As far as hobbies are concerned I love spending time with my family, and reading/listening to audiobooks.

Tyler Jones – Jackson, KY

My name is Tyler Jones; however, I prefer to be called, Ty. I was raised in the state of Tennessee, as well as being born in same state too! I’m a typical dude with a passion to pursue after the things of Christ and Christ alone. That’s where my heart is and will remain there with the strength of God’s might and power!

Eric Madia – Salem, WV

Eric is the assistant pastor at Life Builders Fellowship in Bridgeport WV. He was raised as an unbeliever (he went to the Roman Catholic Church with his grandma sometimes) until he was 10 years old when his parents were gloriously saved. He was active in church but never really knew Christ until his early college years. Having wasted years chasing his own dreams, he realized that Christ was what his heart longed for.
One night at a small country church he surrendered to Christ and has never looked back. Eric Longs to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world wherever, to whomever, and whenever the Lord leads. A father of three, he now lives with his wife Lauren and his daughter Grace in Salem, WV.

Warren and Darlene Marquardt – Lakeland, FL

We have been married over 30 years and saved about 25 of those years. Currently living in Florida but we are originally from Wisconsin. We have four grown children all out on their own. We have served with Sport’s Fan Outreach on several occasions including last year at SBO 15. We currently attend Calvary Chapel, Lakeland, and do outreach at the abortion clinic twice a week.

Nicholas Mata – Belleville,MI

My name is Nicholas Mata.  I’m 31 years old, and I became a born again Christian in June 2012.  I currently work for a distribution warehouse, but my real passion is evangelism and ministry.  God has blessed me with a burden for the lost sheep of His fold, and I am blessed to be able to participate in evangelism on many different levels.  I also have a passion to read, study, and lead studies, of God’s Word with others. Everyday I am learning, and enjoying, the process of becoming less, so that my Savior may become greater through me.

Dick Maxwell – New Port Richey, FL

My name is Dick Maxwell and I surrendered to Christ in 1985. I came from a background steeped in drugs, alcohol and sinful dysfunction. At first I didn’t have any strong discipleship and suffered emotionally which resulted in a long road out of sin and into knowing His Lordship. I was eventually led to a church in 1990 and have been a part of it ever since, interrupted by five years helping establish training schools in the Dominican Republic. The name of the church is Calvary Chapel Worship Center in New Port Richey, FL and I have been on staff since October 14, 2002. Around 2010, the Lord called my wife and I to minister the Gospel at abortion facilities in the Tampa Bay area. For me it was both terrifying and fulfilling as I was forced to depend more and more on God to empower me to deny myself and obey my Lord.

Through relationships built in this ministry to God’s image bearers, we came to know Scott and Patti Smith and through that friendship I found myself not just introduced to open air preaching but invited to the 2012 Dogwood Festival to receive training from Bill Adams, Scott Smith and Tony Miano and to put it into practice on the streets of Atlanta. I was off and running from that point forward.

Since then, I have been a part of a few training events with SFOI and this will be my second SBO. We are still heavily involved in ministry to the preborn. Our ministry around Tampa Bay and elsewhere in the country to the preborn holds me back from the time I would like to spend with other street preachers at times but that very same ministry would not be nearly as powerful if it were not for the fellowship that I have with SFOI and the guys I have come to know. SFOI is every bit as responsible as my own church in the work that God has done in my heart to prepare me to fulfill His calling.

In addition to proclaiming the Gospel at an abortion facility, we preach regularly in downtown Clearwater and in particular around the Scientology facilities and during their outreaches, as well as at public events in New Port Richey and surrounding cities. Some exciting news to report is that I will be teaching a class at our church on Open Air Preaching and am planning on using the book “A Certain Sound” by Scott Smith and Ryan Denton. I thank God for this fellowship and for the iron sharpening iron which God has done through those whom He has placed me beside.

Jason McGough – Loris, SC

My name is Jason McGough. I am originally from Massachusetts. I have been married for 12 years to my lovely bride Missy. I have 4 children. Morgan (19), Jayce (10) Lillie (7), and Knox (1). And now one grandchild. Kennedy (6 mos).

I served in the U.S. Navy for 5 years aboard the submarine USS Miami (SSN-755) otherwise known as the “Big Gun” as a Mess Specialist (Cook). I departed the military in 2003 and moved to where I now call home, South Carolina. I began work at the outback Steakhouse as a grill cook and at that time met my beautiful bride, who was a server, Missy McGough. After hearing the Gospel and Christ regenerated my heart a year after meeting Missy, we were joined together in marriage and began our life together as one.

For about 8 years we immersed ourselves into a local Baptist church right down the road from where we lived and served in children’s ministry and choir singing. About 4 years ago a friend reached out to me about a local street ministry opportunity in Myrtle Beach. I had felt a burning desire to tell others about Christ, so this was my chance. After that night, I began to minister in the streets and joined my 1st outreach with a large group at the Fall for Greenville festival in 2013. After attending this outreach, I was introduced to SFOI and the SBO by a friend, and now this will be my 5th Super Bowl. My 2nd as Co-Director and 3rd as an unofficial Team Leader.

It has been a great pleasure serving with SFOI for the past 5 years as a student and helping hand to the ministry. I have met so many wonderful saints and look forward to serving more and more until the Lord returns or calls me home! Soli Deo Gloria.

Emily McKay – Fremont, IA

Emily Mckay, a student at KMBC, also serves as housekeeping staff member.  Since an early age, Emily has lived up to her name meaning “Industrious “. Emily is very hard working  and conscientious. Being homeschooled, she developed many skills as a homemaker and finds great joy in serving others.

Growing up in a pastor’s family, Emily worked in ministry with her family, teaching, leading children in music and scripture memory.  Emily has a heart for personal evangelism and witnessing. She has recently made a trip to Cuba for the purpose of bringing in Bibles and sharing the gospel.   

Emily is affectionately referred to as the little songbird, as whatever her hand finds to do, doing it with all her heart.

Stephen Morris – Raleigh, NC

Thank God for Jesus! I go by Stephen Morris, and I’m thankful for God’s grace that has brought me into His family as His son by Jesus’ blood and resurrection! I made a profession of salvation at age 5, but doubt and sinful living were consistent during my childhood and adolescent years. Many times when troubled about my eternal life/death, I prayed for salvation. There still remained doubting, and when I hit puberty, my bent toward sin grew. At age 15, while with my family at a revival, camp meeting in Georgia, my brother Samuel asked my dad, “How can I know I’m saved?” In that moment the Spirit began deep conviction in my life, and 2 days later as my dad preached on “Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift” the LORD God called me to Himself and saved me!

The doubting returned that same evening I was saved and the rest of the summer was heavy with spiritual struggle. The Lord testified through His Spirit in my life that I was born again by my changing heart and ways, even though sin still messed me up and disobedience to Jesus as the Lord of all of me hindered my growth in grace.

Since the Lord Jesus revived a heart that wants to know and follow Him about 4 years ago, He has grown me in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. His uniting me to His church by my fellowship with His church at Imago Dei Church here where I live in Raleigh, NC has blessed my soul. I was baptized there on Easter Sunday 2013 and have been a member since Fall of that same year. By the edifying of my church and the Holy Spirit, God the LORD has deepened my love to my Savior and my love to my neighbors. My prayer is “that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height— to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

Jeff Norman – Madison, AL

I’m Jeff Norman and I live in Madison, AL with my wife, Katerina, and three children, Summer, Halle, Jack. I did not grow up in a Christian home, but came to Christ during my senior year of high school. I grew very slowly over the first ten years of my walk with Christ, until I got to know a faithful evangelist, Paul Harvey. While taking me through the “Way of the Master” training (for the second time) he encouraged me to just go out with him and hand out tracts. I had a desire for mission and evangelism, but not the courage to act upon that desire. God used the simple act of handing out tracts to spark a desire for deeper understanding of His word and theology that would inform evangelistic efforts and give me courage and confidence to share the gospel. I continue to grow, and thank God that He allows me to proclaim His holy name.

Jeffery Padia – Fayetteville, GA

God mercifully saved me out of a background of cheap grace, easy believe-ism, “Americanized” Christianity. I had walked an aisle during a church “revival” and was baptized at age 16. I quickly proceeded to prove myself a false convert, succumbing to the worldliness and sin that my flesh craved. I found myself in a prolonged downward spiral, increasingly wallowing in the dregs of my wickedness and rebellion against God, all the while believing I had punched my ticket through the pearly gates! I pursued every worldly thing that I thought might make me happy.

But God, being rich in mercy (Ephesians 2:4-5), opened my eyes to see how patient and kind and merciful He had been to me in preserving my life, even though His justice could have fallen on me like a hammer. In the misery of my lowest depths, I became dreadfully aware that I was not owed another day of His mercy. It was then that God granted me eyes to see His beauty, and grace to believe in Jesus as my only hope. The riches of His kindness and forbearance and patience had, indeed, led me to repentance (Romans 2:4)! By His grace alone, I’m thankful to be a servant of the one, true God!

After completing a 26 year career as an Air Traffic Controller here in Atlanta, unburdened by full time work responsibilities, I determined to make myself more available for ministry. In response, the Lord graciously and relentlessly consecrated me to His service! He guided me through a continuum of evangelistic challenges, each one further and further outside of my comfort zone! In his loving providence, I progressed from timidly and covertly placing gospel tracts…to openly handing out tracts in Christmas parades…to giving brief gospel presentations in nursing homes…to pleading for the lives of babies and preaching the gospel in front of abortion mills…to open air preaching at sporting events…to sharing the gospel with jail inmates…to…wherever He leads me next! It’s been one gospel adventure after another, all in the worship and service of my great God and Savior! If He can do such a work in me, He can do such a work in you! He is faithful! Are you willing to entrust yourself to Him, no matter the cost?

Jeff ministers under the leadership and oversight of his elders at Faith Bible Church, Sharpsburg, GA.


Twitter: @HeraldingChrist


Jenifer Pepling – Gibsonia, PA

Jenifer Pepling is the President of Christian Collegian Network (CCN), and Campus Leader at the University of Pittsburgh and Slippery Rock University.  Jenifer has been seeking and saving the lost at PITT since 2007. She has successfully trained numerous Christians how to share the gospel through evangelism courses and hands-on training, attended several mission trips in various states, designed, built and ran “witnessing booths” at local festivals, led groups to evangelize at parades and other public venues, and led large book and DVD giveaways at various colleges. Jenifer continues to lead the ministry in fulfilling the great commission on and off the college campuses.

Heath Pucel –  Green Bay, WI

My name is Heath Pucel. I’ve been married 15 years a wonderful wife who keeps me humble. I live in Green Bay Wisconsin, and have a passion for teaching and training the Word. The Lord graciously granted me repentance unto salvation and from my false conversion in 2004 when I was praying in my naivety for how to share my faith  Biblically. I attended previous witnessing training but it was more lifestyle evangelism; but in 2004, not only did he show me how, He also brought me to repentance in faith through the ministry of Living Waters. Since then, I’ve had a desire and burden to share the Gospel in Green Bay, around the country and abroad. My past experience with evangelism has opened up opportunities for me to attend outings such as: 2008 Ambassadors Academy #3, 6 Super Bowl Outreaches, 5 Kentucky Derby Outreaches, OAC SET 2012 and 2013. The Sweet Auburn Festival, ministry at ASU, UW Stevens Point and Madison campuses. Numerous local events such as Walleye weekend, Wisconsin State Fair, Jehovah’s Witness conventions, and Green Bay Packer Games. God has given me the privilege to meet up with faithful saints locally and across the country to labor and minister His word in the open air as well as lead outreach teams with all praise, glory and honor to His name.

Joshua Richards – Belle Center, Ohio

My name is Joshua Richards. I am married to Rachael and we live in Belle Center, Ohio. The goodness of God led me to repent of my sin and trust in Him alone for forgiveness at age 6. My Spiritual journey has involved many struggles with sin and self, church hopping, and understanding God’s unconditional love for me, among other things.  I’m still a work in progress, but I thank God for His grace in sending Jesus to save me from the hell I deserved, and Who has sealed me unto the day of redemption for all eternity.

Paul Roepnack – Cary, NC

In 2011, the Holy Spirit was gracious to open my eyes to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the depravity of my own sin, after nearly 35 years living in cultural Christianity.  Not only was I saved at that time, but my wife as well. Together, we looked back at our lives up until that point and saw that despite being raised in religious homes and attending excellent Christian schools, neither of us had ever submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives and had been lying to ourselves for many years.

I loved and enjoyed my sin, had been chasing the trappings of the world, was ruled by my own will and living for myself, made excuses for following God’s directives for my lives as “believer”, and yet attended church and professed to believe.  We partied on Saturday and went to church on Sunday. I dishonored parents, lied, stole, hated, loved drunkeness, and idolized at every opportunity. I had no ability or desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believed that was something that only certain people were commanded or “gifted” to do, brushing aside the Great Commission in exchange for fleeting passions about politics or worldly concerns.  I had no ability to teach my children or my wife, to lead them in life’s many decisions and questions by the wisdom of the Word. I was blind. There were certain sins of my past I continued to make excuses for or counted as “not so bad”, and I compared myself to others instead of God’s Law. Once the Light was shining, I understood that I was an offender and an enemy of God and deserved His eternal Wrath – as all of mankind who are not under His righteousness do.

Once regenerated, our lives changed so rapidly that it alarmed many people around us.  We were baptized and this was confusing for many, as we had already been baptized at various points in our youth – but what a wonderful day it was to stand before our church body and truly profess Christ with the assurance of the Spirit.  The Holy Spirit had revealed my own sin and it grieved me so deeply, praise God. Through conviction and submission, I began ridding our family of the distractions of this world and our own idolatry, and began leading our family in the Word.  Everything changed. The power of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit is so great, it cannot come into a man’s life and lie dormant. I am so grateful to have been saved from Cultural Christianity, from religious falsities and rituals, and from my own sin under the righteousness of Jesus Christ imputed upon me.  

I developed a thirst for God’s Word, and enjoy listening to sermons and studying His Word every day.  My wife and I were introduced to Ray Comfort’s teachings in 2013, and I knew that I was being led to proclaim God’s Word to our lost world.  By the providence of God, we ran right into Tommy Waltz on the streets of Raleigh while he was preaching near the courthouse. We became involved in his ministry, and under his training I began proclaiming the Word at events with Gospel of God Ministries.  I enjoy heralding at NC State and at other events with our team members, who are all such humble men of God that I can look up to.

In addition to our 3 biological children, God has been so good to choose us for the privilege of adopting 4 children from Ethiopia and China with special needs.  I expected to be “picking up my cross” in following this leading, but I was wrong. These children have been a reflection of the Gospel, a reminder of His love for us, and to know that God has chosen to hand-place His arrows at my table is a great responsibility that I cannot successfully do without God leading my life in every aspect.  I am so grateful that I am able to lead my family, my 7 children and my wife, by the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit and the mercy of God, and that I have the opportunity to disciple the next generation of my family to our King, Lord willing.

I am so grateful to be serving at Superbowl Outreach this coming year and for the opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus in the midst of an a celebration filled with idolatry and drunkeness, pride, and darkness.  May His light shine.

Our family writes about our testimony on our website,

Frank Rollberg – Muscle Shoals, AL

In the year 2000 God saved me by his amazing grace.I was raised Catholic when I was younger but my family only went on Christmas and Easter. I was sent to catechism classes and conformation classes but it meant nothing to me. It was just what you did back then. I lived my life as a rebel and was a wicked man only living for self. But at work one day at lunch there was a young man sitting across the table who was a JW. And he asked me if I were to die would I go to heaven?

I said yes I thought I was pretty good person compared to the rest of mankind, I said I did more good things than bad. He asked if I had a Bible at home and I said yes. He said read it. So I picked up the Bible never read it in my life and started reading it for the first time and GOD started to open my eye’s. I couldn’t put it down there was a hunger there that was never there before. After some months of non stop reading the Truth of His Word God was convicting me showing me that I was a wicked lost man born in sin and that I was not good at all according to His standard. In the spring of the year 2000 in my room one night broken over my sin I cried out to God to save me and forgive me of all my sin confessing and forsaking all the sin I could remember in my life repenting of all that I could remember and asking God to change my heart to love and follow Him in obedience putting my trust my faith in Him alone. From that day forward God changed my heart to seek after him and gave me such a hunger for Him and His Word. I had to tell people about Him and what He has done for me from that point on began sharing with people especially my wife Lisa who thought I was absolutely out of my mind. She was not a believer at that time it took a couple of years for God to save her also Praise His Glorious Name! Tried to find a Biblical Church in the suburb of Chicago where we lived at the time and just couldn’t find anything biblical without driving 2 hours from our house. Eventually heard Paul Washer speak in Alabama and a few years after that in 2008 we eventually moved to Alabama to get our family under the preaching of the Word we took it that seriously. Our families thought we were crazy but we moved anyway. Went to the same church that we seen Paul Washer speak and about 3 years ago my Pastor who is involved with Heart Cry planted a Church in the area and we are part of that work right now where we are members. We have the full support of our Church and Pastor for the evangelistic ministry that we do in and around the area which consists of open air preaching, college campus ministry etc. May our Great God receive All the Glory. There is No King but Christ!!

Jaycen Saab – Clarksburg, WV

Raised Roman Catholic, Jaycen did not arrive at true saving faith until his adult years. After chasing the world and it’s offerings, God brought him to salvation during the death of a loved one. He has a burden for the lost and false converts and desires to herald the Gospel anywhere a crowd may be. When not on the streets, he enjoys the privilege of filling in the pulpit doing itinerant preaching. He’s married with 4 children who join him sometimes for evangelism. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family.  He is the founder of AppalachiaCry Ministries. For more info:

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Tom Sadowski – Denton, TX

Although blessed to have been raised in a stable, loving, and even religious home (to some extent), there was absolutely no exposure to the Bible itself in my upbringing, and thus, to biblical (true) Christianity. It was while in the U.S. Marine Corps, as a young (18) Marine private not too long out of boot camp, that I heard the Gospel declared for the very first time —via some open-air preachers in downtown San Diego, CA. Just seemed like pretty radical stuff to me at the time, no doubt: Bible thumpers. But that unforgettable night, which I still have some pretty vivid recollection of, most surely shook the small world I was then living in, at least to some extent. Less than a month later, by the grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit (and human instrumentality of my two roommates in the barracks in North Carolina where I was by then stationed), I came to true, biblical repentance and saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Well, that (1975) was over 41 years ago! “Time flies,” indeed. Shortly after moving from my home state of Michigan to Texas in 1981, where I have lived ever since, I met my wife Betty at a Bible camp meeting in Louisiana, to whom I have now been married for nearly 33 years. We have six mostly grown children (31 down to 17), and two precious, delightful granddaughters. Not long after moving to TX, I was providentially brought under the teaching/preaching of the “doctrines of grace” (aka “Calvinism”) in the church I began attending in Denton, TX, which, more than anything I believe, greatly elevated my understanding of the spiritual world, and really all of life, from a mostly MAN-centered view of it all to a much more GOD-centered and GOD-exalting view of everything that pertains to our lives in this lower, temporal world.

It was under such a theological framework of “religious instruction,” if you will, that I first began to be burdened for the lost souls of people, mostly young kids/teenagers at the time, and first open-air preached, on the “main drag” here in Denton where they congregated in droves in those days, in the summer of 1984, with one, another dear brother (and later, with another brother for perhaps a few years or so) from the local church we all faithfully attended. Approximately five or so years after the initial evangelistic experience, I first began preaching at the main local university here in Denton, from which I had graduated, as an English major, a year or two before. (Preaching at university campuses especially intimidated me in the earliest years of such evangelism . . . not that doing it elsewhere was “a piece of cake,” by any means.)

Nearly twenty years later (with lots of M-F/9-to-5 sort of employment, intensive child rearing, learning to be a better husband, and a number of years spent in “Dungeon Seminary” [long story] in between), in the amazing providence of God, I met some solid brothers in Christ in downtown Dallas in October 2008, independently doing street evangelism there (I was there with one other man). This was a truly noteworthy encounter, as it began to open up a whole new world of evangelistic opportunities that I never even knew existed: big sporting events like the Super Bowl, the summer Olympics, and the World Series; organized “campus tours” to preach and minister at multiple universities in close (or relatively close) geographical proximity; evangelism at foreign countries such as Jamaica, the United Kingdom, and Ireland; as well as at other venues such as at abortion clinics, “gay pride” parades, etc.

Specifically with Sports Fan Outreach International, I have been blessed to participate at seven out of the last eight Super Bowls (in order: Tampa, Miami, Dallas-Ft. Worth, (Indianapolis—missed), New Orleans, New York City, Phoenix, and San Francisco); the rugby World Cup in New Zealand nearly five years ago; the Olympics in London (summer of 2012); and other events, plus, God willing, the summer Olympics coming up here in a few more months in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil. Also hoping to preach some outdoors in Israel in less than a month with a brother in the Lord, as he and I and our wives will travel there as part of a big tour group.

I hope it goes without saying (but I will indeed say it nonetheless) that all such evangelism is not “an end” in itself. Rather, CHRIST, and our need—EVERYONE’s desperate and urgent need of Him in His atoning, saving work upon the Cross—is the end. May the Gospel of Christ, our merciful and great Redeemer, be continuously advanced, while we have breath in our lungs. And to GOD alone be all of the glory, honor, and praise, for evermore.

Jeff Sauriki – Summerville, SC

My name is Jeff Sauricki. I have lived in Grayson GA for the last 15 years and before that in Northeast Ohio. I will be married 42 year in August to my High School sweetheart Susan. My daughters Amy and Marianne live here in GA as well. I have 10 grandchildren. Amy is mother to two of my granddaughters and Marianne is mother to two granddaughters and 6 grandsons. I am a member of Lilburn Alliance Church in Tucker.

God called me to be an evangelist in 2009 and that same year I attended Living Waters Ambassador Academy #11. Some of my service to God has included going weekly to a Youth Detention Center for 5 years, the last 4 Super Bowl outreaches, Fall for Greenville, Dogwood Festival, monthly trips to minister in Charleston SC and other various ministries in Atlanta. These 6 years have taught me a lot about what I don’t know when it come to God and his word.

My prayer SFOI would honor the Lord, that everyone would be safe, that we would see God at work through us, that the lost would see and hear our compassion for the them and that brothers and sisters in Christ would demonstrate the same love that made 1st century people marvel.

Peter Salas – Monroe, GA

I am 50 years old, and have been married for 22 years to Andrea. We have two sons (Jarod, 18 and Jonah 16). We enjoy the privilege of serving in ministry together. I was raised Catholic but walked away from it when I turned 18 years old, and continued to wander around as a pagan until the Lord saved me in the summer of 2000.

For over nine years, the Lord has allowed me to be a part of a wonderful group of men with whom I have been ministering in Athens, GA, near the campus of the University of Georgia, as well as at numerous events. By the grace of God, SBO ’19 will be my 6th opportunity to preach the Gospel at the Super Bowl. To God be the glory!

Bill ‘DOC’ Shank – South Saint Paul, MN

I was raised in the Catholic religion. Less than 2 month’s after Graduating High School in 1982 I enlisted in the United States Air Force. On the evening of Resurrection Sunday (April of 1989, while I was working in the Emergency Room as an Emergency Medical Technian, at Ramstein Air Base West Germany), Chaplain Richard Spearman came in to visit us. While we were talking briefly, he said, “SGT. Schank, if you ever want to talk, Please call me and we can set up an appointment”. I made an appointment with Chaplain Richard Spearman (and we met once a week) for 4 week’s. During those appointments, Chaplain Spearman “took me through” the 10 Commandments. I experienced, exactly what GOD says in Galatians 3:24 Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. I truly experienced Godly sorrow, as I sat in Chaplain Spearman’s office: and I wept over all of the sin in my life. Praise The LORD, that GOD granted me the gift of Repentance and I was born again on 26th of May 1989. Four month’s later, I went through a very similar experience just like Job experienced in the Bible. (I was Medically Retired from the United States Air Force for post traumatic stress. Due to the Air Show Disaster that happened at Ramstein Air Base on 28 August 1988. 3 Italian Fighter Jets collided while performing a Very Dangerous “Heart Shaped Maneuver”. The 1 Jet, “clipped” 2 other Jet’s on the tail of their Aircraft, and that Fighter Jet Tumbled right through the Crowd of Spectators: Wounding 500 people and killing 70 other Spectators. I was 1 of MANY Medical Personnel who worked on all of the wounded and dealt with many of the dead bodies. ***GOD IS GOOD, and he has brought me a Very Long Way in “healing” from dealing with all of that Trauma.

Praise The LORD, in 1993 GOD brought Ginny into my life and we were Married on 29 July 1995. She TRULY Is My Proverbs 31 Bride/Wife, & 7 day’s ago and Thanks to GOD: We Celebrated our 22nd Wedding Anniversary!!! We have 5 Adult Children: Sabrina (35), Eric (34), Aeron (33), Alyx (28), and Ana (27). And, GOD has Blessed us with 9 Beautiful Grandchildren!! During the Spring, Summer and Fall of 1993 & 1994 I did evangelism on the Street’s of Saint Paul: handing out Gospel Tract’s and 1:1 witnessing.

The very 1st time that I Preached in the Open Air, in St.Paul Minnesota, I experienced physical persecution from the Police; Unfortunately, I ran from doing evangelism on the Street’s, until 2005. The Spring of 2005 I started evangelizing on the Street’s of Downtown Minneapolis with other Believer’s. (2005- 2008 we handed out Gospel Tract’s and did 1:1 witnessing). 2009 is the 1st year that I started Preaching The Gospel in the Open Air, and by GOD’S GRACE I’m still Preaching The Gospel in Downtown Minneapolis and sometimes in other States. Praise GOD, I have been to the Super Bowl Outreach 6 times, the Fall for Greenville Outreach 3 times (when they used to have it), and I have been to a few Outreaches in New York City. Also, by GOD’S Grace and Strength, I have been to the Ukraine (during the Summer) on Short-Term Mission’s Trips 2009, 2010 & 2011. And, 3 year’s ago I was in Guatemala for a Short-Term Mission’s Trip. LORD Willing, this coming February, I will be 1 of the Team Leader’s @ Super Bowl Outreach ’18. ***I Love to Preach The Gospel and “Lift Up” The Name That Is ABOVE Every name. To plead with all of the lost soul’s to be Reconciled to GOD. And to warn/let ALL of them know, that one day Every Knee Shall Bow, and Every Tongue Confess That JESUS Christ Is LORD, To The GLORY Of GOD The Father!!

This past May 17th – May 30th: I was in Israel with 6 other Brother’s Preaching The Gospel. (6 of us were from the United States & Brother Desmond Smyth came from Dublin, Ireland). Praise The LORD, we Preached in Jerusalem, Caparneum, Eliat (I don’t know if I spelled that correctly; It’s the Southernmost City in Israel), and in Tel Aviv. The Gospel was FAITHFULLY Preached, we gave away MANY Bibles that were in the Hebrew language and Many Ingil’s (That means New Testament’s that were in Arabic). SOLO DEO GLORIA!!!

Andy Sherrill – Collinwood, TN

My name is Andy Sherrill. My story is one of redemption and undeserved favor. I was the youngest child out nine. My mother was a believer, but my father was not. Very early in my life the Lord opened my mind to receive the Gospel. I was very young, but I was a sinner through and through. I was saved in August 1990 at the age of seven.

At the age of fourteen, the Lord allowed me to go through a period of serious anxiety. I began to doubt my salvation and began to fear that I had committed an unpardonable sin. This fear crippled me. It drove me to my knees and gave me an insatiable desire to understand the Word of God. Over the next year and a half He graciously brought me through it with a deepened walk with Him and a new burden to serve Him. The Lord was so kind to bring my father to repentance during this time.

At the age sixteen, it became clear to me that the Lord was calling me into the Gospel ministry. The Church where I was a member put me under watch care to confirm my calling. Then ordained me in the summer of 2001. I have served in this very Church as a pastor ever since.

There have been many battles and many struggles through the years, but the Lord has remained faithful. He has given me a beautiful family; my dear wife of seventeen years and two lovely daughters. He has blessed me to serve in a Church, which is committed to the Truth of His Word. I have had the great privilege of preaching the Gospel for nineteen years. And I have been able to watch the Lord radically transform many people.

My story certainly is not the result of my righteousness, or of my own faithfulness. For in myself I have neither. My only hope is in the blood of Christ which was shed on my behalf. His atonement on the cross of Calvary is the foundation of my access to God by faith. I am but an unworthy sinner who has found grace in the eyes of the Lord and it is my desire to point other sinners to the only Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Because of the Cross,


James Sherrill – Collinwood, TN

Formerly a Freemason and an entertainer, for the glory of self,

I was born again in 2014. After being baptized upon my profession of faith in Christ,  my wife and I became members of New Life Baptist Church in Collinwood TN where I have had the opportunity to the propagate gospel and lead the congregational singing for the glory of God.

Mark Skelly –  New Port Richey, FL

My name is Mark Skelly, I’ve been a Christian since the 1980s. I do several ministries. First a YouTube channel with Spanish testimonies, gospel music, etc… I get the videos from satellite.

Second is Evangelistic Art, these are murals in key locations that portray the Gospel message.

This year I’ve been a Missionary to Columbia, Cuba twice and Mexico. Just learned how to make my own T-Shirts, so I make my own Gospel Related shirts, I’ve sold several of these shirts on E-Bay.  Weekly I do a tract ministry and a sticker ministry. I’m also exploring new ways to preach the Gospel, I do a “Prize Wheel Ministry”  you take a one of those Prize Wheels and have a gospel related prize, it’s works amazing and people Come to you!

My degree is in Computer Programming, I have a small business that other people run, this allows me free time to work on several  different ministries.

This year, I’m just starting to learn “Won by one” street ministry, and I would like to learn street preaching and that is why I signed up for this trip.

Brad Snow – Los Angeles, CA

Even though I grew up going to church it wasn’t till by God’s grace I was saved back in August 2000 through faith in Jesus Christ. It was not long after my conversion that I met and started to work with Ray Comfort. Through the ministry of Living Waters I learned how to reach out and share the gospel. I then found other believers who also wanted to intentionally share the gospel. We open-air preached, spoke to people one on one and handed out countless number of gospel tracts.  After spending several years of being active in street ministry in Oklahoma and Texas I eventually moved out to Southern California where I work in house at Living Waters. The same ministry that had been so equipping to me to be a witness for Christ. Currently I go out Friday nights with my church to share the gospel one on one at an outdoor shopping area in Orange, CA. My family and I also go Saturday mornings to reach out with the gospel outside of an abortion mill in Riverside, CA.

This will be my 5th Super Bowl Outreach and my first opportunity to lead a team at this outreach.  I have lead past teams at other evangelism outreach events such as the Ambassador Academies that Living Waters hosted.  Even after several years of going to various evangelism outreach events and intentionally meeting people each week to share the good news, I still struggle with fear and hesitancy to speak.  But I keep going in spite of my fears and ignore my feelings of hesitancies.

I have been married to my wife for over 25 years and we have 5 children.  We have 4 girls and 1 boy. My boy Nathan (20) is our oldest and the girls are Megan (18), Morgan (18), Jordan (9), and Lauran (5).  Two of our children are special needs which was an unexpected plan of God that has stretched us and blessed us. Not just our immediate family but even to many who know us.  
You can find me on Twitter: or Facebook:

Steven Stanley – Morehead, KY

My name is Steven Stanley and I live in Morehead KY with my wife and two sons.

I am currently the Pastor of Clearfield Baptist Church. I also have worked in healthcare as a nurse/nurse practitioner for 20 years.
I lived the majority of my adult life as a non-believer, then was a false convert for about 2 years before God granted me genuine repentance and faith in His precious Son. He immediately placed a burden on my heart for the lost that resulted in active street evangelism.  I have attended the Super Bowl Outreaches in New Orleans, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, Houston and also the last five KY Derby Outreaches. I live in a college town so when school is in session I enjoy going to campus to open air preach and hand out Gospel tracts. I have been active in abortion clinic ministry in  Lexington and Louisville, KY for last 5 years
I am also attempting to be a seminary student at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary in Owensboro, KY seeking my Masters in Pastoral Studies and ultimately my MDiv.

It is a privilege and honor to preach Christ and Him crucified and I look forward to laboring with my brothers and sisters in the Lord! SDG!

Blake Tomlinson – Landis, NC

Though being raised in a home that professed Christ, Blake Tomlinson was called to salvation 2007 at the age of 22 out of a life of idolatry and sin. Since then God has blessed him with a wife and three children and the Holy Spirit has sanctified him through the trials common to man.

Heeding the call to preach the Gospel Blake now preaches the Gospel publicly in and around the city of Charlotte or where ever an opportunity arises for the glory of God.

Brad Tower – Fairfax, IA

My name is Brad Tower. I’ve been married to my wife Cara for 3 and a half years. We have a son Brady, who is one and a half and are expecting again in June. I grew up in the church but wasn’t soundly saved until I was 24. I immediately had a desire to share the gospel but didn’t actually get do so on a regular basis until I was 30 years old. Since that time, I’ve been sharing my faith on a regular basis at many different venues. My main place of ministry is on campus at the University of Iowa. I try and hit the campus to open air preach, pass out tracts and do one on one evangelism once a week during the school year. I’ve been doing that since 2010. I’ve also attended two Living Waters Ambassadors Academies as a participant in 2010 and 2011. I went back to the Ambassadors Academy this past summer as a team leader. This will be my fourth Super Bowl Outreach. I attended the Super Bowls in Phoenix, San Francisco and Houston. I’m excited to participate once again, this year in Atlanta. God has blessed me with a very supportive church that has blessed me through prayer and financial support to help make this trip possible. It will be exciting to see how God works through this outreach with the preaching of the gospel in Atlanta but as always, what I look forward to the most is the fellowship with like minded evangelists from around the country!

Joseph R. Toy, Jr. – Folcroft, PA

Joe grew up in Shillington, PA and attended First EC Church of Reading. He is a 1978 graduate of Governor Mifflin High School. In 1982, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Millersville University. In the spring of 1982 as a senior in college, Joe committed his life to Jesus Christ. Upon graduation, Joe began his career as an accountant in Trenton, NJ. During this time, he attended Newtown Community Church in Newtown, PA. While attending this church, Joe felt the call to full time ministry. He left his job to attend Moody Bible Institute for a 3-week seminar on Urban Evangelism with plans to attend Evangelical Seminary in the fall of 1984. When Joe returned from Moody, he began a street ministry in the city of Reading called Inner City Campaigners. From this street ministry, an outreach to children and teens began at First EC of Reading called The Source. This ministry continued from 1984 to 1988 when Joe moved to Philadelphia, PA. Joe began his theological studies at Evangelical in 1984 and ended in 1987. During this time, Joe became a commissioned missionary and a licensed preacher in the Evangelical Congregational Church in May of 1985.

In 1985, Joe and Wendy met at Evangelical Seminary while working on his Masters of Divinity studies. They were married at the chapel at Evangelical on March 22, 1986. Joe and Wendy have five sons. Jared(1987), Seth(1989), Ethan(1989), Aaron(1991) and Adam(1984). The boys were primarily home schooled from 1991 to 2013. Both Jared and Seth serve in The U.S. Coast Guard. Ethan is a career firefighter/paramedic in Currituck County, North Carolina. Aaron is employed at Wellesley Assisted care Facility as a food services manager. Adam serves in the U.S. Air Force. Joe and Wendy have been blessed with six grandchildren named: Forest, Joseph Conner, Morgan, Savannah and Jackson.

In 1988, Joe and Wendy moved to Philadelphia to begin an association With Open Air Campaigners. During this time, they worked in an internship status with this mission board. The ministry of Open Air Campaigners is to do the work of Evangelism and to train others in Evangelism in an urban setting. This association lasted until 1992 when Joe resigned because of doctrinal issues that conflicted with the EC Church. Upon resolution of the proposed doctrinal changes within OAC, Joe served as an associate evangelist with them until 2000. Joe now serves on the board of directors of OAC, Inc. At this point Joe became one of the few Evangelical Congregational Church Denominational missionaries, which is a status that continued until 2008. In 1993, Joe established a ministry called Open Air Ministries-Philadelphia. Now Joe has formed his own 501c non-profit corporation called Open Air Ministries, Inc from 2009 until the present day.

Joe’s ministry is primarily evangelistic by nature. Outreach is conducted at bus stops, subways, college campuses, center city, parades, events, neighborhoods, parks and other areas in and around the Metro Philadelphia Area. Joe does weekly outreach in Camden, NJ and in the summer conducts outreach at the New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware beach resorts. Through the years, Joe has been involved in the Philadelphia Port Ministry from 1988 to 2001. Also, much outreach has been done in inner city neighborhoods with children. Joe was a co-pastor for Metro Kids an outdoor kid’s church in various locations in Philadelphia from 2007 to 2011. Many times a year Joe travels to national events such as Mardi Gras, Indy 500, Spring Break Florida, Senior Week in Ocean City, MD and others to share the gospel. Another large part of Joe’s work is training others in evangelism. Joe spends a number of weeks each year training youth groups, college students, missionary candidates and others in evangelism. Some of these groups spend time with in Philly for a day or a week. The summer is especially busy with hosting these teams, including a number of EC Church youth groups. Joe and Wendy and Aaron live in Folcroft, which is in Delaware County, PA. Folcroft is located very close to the Philadelphia Airport. They attend Crossroads Community Church, which is in Upper Darby.

Chike Uzuegbunam – Loganville, GA

I am 24-years old, and am starving and unworthy to declare the electrifying gospel of Jesus Christ. I am currently attending Georgia Gwinnett College and, Lord willing, plan to graduate this summer of 2017 with a Bachelors in Exercise Science.
To God alone be the glory for His precious Son giving away His life for a formerly wretched and miserable sinner such as I.

Dennis Vance –  Springfield, MO

Dennis is married to Polly, his wonderful wife and they live in Springfield, MO and have four grown children. When Dennis was only six months old, he played baby Jesus during a church live nativity and his parents were Joseph and Mary. At age 11, he said the sinner’s prayer and asked Jesus into his heart.

It bothered Dennis that through high school and college that he didn’t look any different than his non-Christian friends, but that didn’t stop him from living for the flesh. He used to have a really bad temper, cussed, got drunk and committed other sins. Dennis used to cry out to God “How can I be a Christian and act like this?” But he asked God to forgive him each night and repeated the process the next day.

But in 2007 Dennis called his brother and confessed that he didn’t feel very close to God. His brother asked him if he was reading the Bible every day, to which he replied, no, I take my Bible to church every Sunday. His brother said, no, it’s God’s word, you have to feed on it daily. So Dennis picked up the Bible and started with Genesis 1 and read through the Bible that year.

In the fall, God convicted him with Matthew 7:21-23 that he was lost. Then with Romans 8:1, God converted Dennis. For the first time, he realized that during those 33 years of professing to be a Christian, he had lived after the flesh and not after the Spirit. Dennis cried out for God to save him and the Lord did!

He spent the next year reading the Bible fervently and reading many Christian books. But beginning in 2009, God started convicting him that he needed to share his faith in Jesus with others. Dennis had no clue how to do that. So he asked a godly co-worker about witnessing to others and the co-worker loaned him the first two seasons of Way of The Master. After episode 2, Dennis was on the phone to Living Waters ordering tracts. At first, he was afraid to hand a tract to someone, so he just left them with tips and hid them in stores, left them on the floor at the mall and various places. After a couple months, he started handing them to people. Then in the summer of 2009, Dennis went through the School of Biblical Evangelism.

Before the end of 2009, he gave the good person test on the box at Missouri State University and the following month he gave a Christmas message outside of Borders Bookstore where people were lined up for a Sarah Palin book signing. He was so nervous that he thought he was going to pass out. But the Lord helped him through it and the crowd actually clapped when he finished. Now he appreciates “good” hecklers, but if someone would have heckled him that first time, he may not have ever preached again.

Dennis has attended many Super Bowl Outreaches as well as Kentucky Derby Outreaches. He looks forward to witnessing at these outreaches, fellowshipping with other evangelists and the teaching that’s provided at the Sports Fan Outreach International events. It’s great catching up with old friends as well as making new friends at these outreaches. Dennis founded Seek and Save the Lost ( in December 2009. He typically posts open-air messages and ministry updates on the website weekly. Dennis firmly believes that there is no greater honor in the world than lifting up the precious name of Jesus in the open-air. He believes it is God-honoring and a true form of worship. Plus, it’s biblical and much needed in our secular society. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17).

Dennis attends Crossway Baptist Church in Springfield, MO and he has the church’s blessing for the street witnessing ministry. Several people from his church participate in outreaches at the MSU football

games in the fall as well as various parades. Dennis witnesses at Missouri State University on Wednesdays and then downtown on Friday nights with other evangelists. May Jesus Christ continue being lifted up and may God be glorified by the proclamation of the Gospel. You can reach Dennis at the following email:

Anthony Varon – Hawthorne, CA

My name is Anthony and I am a passionate evangelist for Jesus. I got saved back in 2004 with the Harvest Crusade. After living much of my life thinking I was saved, It was not until recently that I realized what Jesus did for me and the strength he gives me daily to fight temptation. I started sharing the gospel back in 06/07 in L.A. using Way of the Master tracts and their technique. I have done many events including parades, gay parades, big outreaches in L.A, Colombia, South America and across the country at different universities. I was living in Los Angeles for 16 years but now live in North Carolina where I am involved in the fight against human trafficking and pursuing my dream of being a Film Producer. I am single with no kids and am a huge SPORTS fan especially the Carolina Panthers!

Zoe White – Tickfaw, LA

Hi, my name is Zoe White (pronounced “Zo”).  I live in the little Village of Tickfaw, Louisiana; conveniently located between New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  My wife, Chelsea, and I are blessed with four beautiful children and one on the way that keep our home quite lively: Zuri, Cruz, Crozby, and Azalea.  

In 2016, God introduced me to the ministry of Ray Comfort at Living Waters and the concepts of Biblical evangelism.  Although I have sensed a call to missions for many years and went on several mission trips around the world, God used the study of Biblical evangelism to convict me of how little I shared the gospel in my daily life and how unbiblical some of my methods were.  I repented and asked God to teach me how to share the gospel obediently and faithfully. By His grace, I hand out gospel tracts regularly now, pursue evangelistic conversations everywhere I go, and I started my new life of open air preaching at the Super Bowl Outreach in February 2017.  All glory to God for opening my eyes to the need around me! It is such a joy to proclaim the Good News that God is reconciling sinners to Himself through the perfect life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! As His ambassador, I go forward into the fray, to declare the Good News of my King and Savior, that I may share in His sufferings for the sake of the elect and for His glory!  ​

Through the assistance of Bill Adams and the George Whitefield Program, (and many other evangelists that have offered sound counsel) God has allowed me to establish Declaring Truth Ministries to bring God’s glorious gospel to the New Orleans area and beyond.  

Declaring Truth Ministries glorifies God by declaring “the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation” (Eph. 1:13) through open-air preaching, literature distribution, and “everywhere evangelism” so that all peoples would hear and believe in Jesus Christ.  Seeking to be good stewards of God’s grace in our lives, we are declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ boldly to all peoples and equipping believers to do the same.​​

We are building a team of ministry partners now to support our open-air evangelism ministry.  You may learn more about partnering with Declaring Truth Ministries at

EJ Wright III – Jamestown, TN

I was born and raised in Jamestown, TN, a very small town close to the TN/KY border. My main passions in life growing up were stretching my imagination and doing something big with my life. I wanted to be a hero. When I entered high school, I got involved with the wrong crowd and soon found myself very lost. I was longing for something more. At the end of my junior year of high school, I really sensed God’s call to get back in right relationship with Him and follow His call. My life radically changed after that. I have never found such contentment and fulfillment as in my relationship with Jesus Christ. He has continued to stretch my mind and show me how He is the ultimate hero to be followed and trusted in. I am now attending Kentucky Mountain Bible College, training to more fully discover God’s call on my life. I love reading books, writing, playing sports, and watching UT (University of Tennessee) football. All this, though, falls way short in comparison of my sweet relationship with Jesus.

Mark Yoho – Sugar Valley, GA


Mark was raised in a non-Christian home in Canton Ohio with a little exposure to Roman Catholicism. Upon Graduation from High school in 1983 he served 3 years active duty military in the US Army. Shortly after discharge, the Nation being in an economic recession, Mark moved to the Atlanta Georgia area seeking employment.

There he met the love of his life and they lived together for 10 years. Through alcohol, drugs, and the pursuit of personal wealth Mark suffered the loss of family and all of his possessions. It was during this time that Mark walked into Newtown Baptist Church in Calhoun GA and heard Pastor David Ray preach a sermon titled, “You must be born again.” As soon as the invitation was given Mark met Pastor Ray in the altar where he repented of sin and trusted CHRIST as his personal Savior. On March 29, 1998 Mark Yoho was born again and life began to radically change. Mark began to share his newfound faith in CHRIST immediately and continued to make it a lifestyle.

Seven months later GOD restored his relationship with the love of his life, he and Gynnette were finally and forever married. Four years later, February 17, 2002, GOD called Mark to preach as an evangelist. As an evangelist Mark has traveled all across the US conducting evangelistic outreaches, teaching evangelism, and preaching revivals. Much of the evangelistic outreaches have been in the inner city and at major events. Since December 1, 2007 Mark has served GOD as a full time vocational evangelist in his own ministry, the Fourth Watch Evangelistic Ministry

Mark and Gynnette live in the little community of Sugar Valley, nestled in the mountains of North Georgia. They have two married children and their home church is Sugar Valley Baptist Church in Sugar Valley, GA