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I was raised in a Christian home, but was living a life of hypocrisy until 2007. The Lord used a faithful preacher to show me my sin, and God granted me grace. One of the first things the Lord dealt with me about was evangelism. I went out, making mistakes, learning, studying, and growing.

By God’s grace I am more equipped now than before, yet I am always wanting to learn more of Christ, share more of Christ, and fellowship more with the body of Christ. My wife of 23 years (Randa) has faithfully prayed for me both as a man needing Christ, and now praying for me as a man following Christ. We have three sons, Matthew (18), Jonathan (16), and Ryan (14). Our local fellowship, CrossPointe Church, supports us in the public proclamation of the gospel, both in prayer, finances, and holding us accountable to our elders. SDG!

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