Brandon Emerson – Normal, IL

Brandon Emerson was a false convert for most of his life, claiming to know Jesus while living as a drug addict in a very sinful, selfish lifestyle. But at 19 years old, he encountered the Lord and completely surrendered his life to Jesus, leaving everything that marked his old life behind. Immediately, God gave him a heart for ministry and he has since worked in various areas including evangelism, children’s and youth ministry. He and his wife of 15 years, Aubrey, have served as missionaries in South Africa and Guatemala, and are currently located in Bloomington, IL where Brandon serves as Associate Pastor at Journey Church and as an Evangelist under SFOI.


Peter Firth


Paul Harvey – Madison, AL

I was raised in a Christian home, but was living a life of hypocrisy until 2007. The Lord used a faithful preacher to show me my sin, and God granted me grace. One of the first things the Lord dealt with me about was evangelism. I went out, making mistakes, learning, studying, and growing. By God’s grace I am more equipped now than before, yet I am always wanting to learn more of Christ, share more of Christ, and fellowship more with the body of Christ. My wife of 23 years (Randa) has faithfully prayed for me both as a man needing Christ, and now praying for me as a man following Christ. We have three sons, Matthew (18), Jonathan (16), and Ryan (14). Our local fellowship, CrossPointe Church, supports us in the public proclamation of the gospel, both in prayer, finances, and holding us accountable to our elders. SDG!

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Twitter: @paullharvey

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Joe Hinson –  Denton, TX

I have been married for going on 20 years to Missy. We’ve been together since high school. We have 2 sons, Seth 14 and Ben 10. We live in Denton Texas about an hour north of Dallas.
I lived as a false convert for several years until around 10 years ago when by God’s grace I came into contact with Ray Comfort’s “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” and “True and False Conversion”. The first message helped me to truly understand the Gospel and the second revealed my complete absence of Faith in said Gospel.
Currently my family and I are making preparations to relocate to the Provo Utah area to Lord willing be a part of disciples being made and see churches being planted.
Soli Deo Gloria!

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Twitter: Sola_Fide_


Bobby McCreery – Douglasville, GA

Bobby is the husband of an excellent, devoted, and prayerful wife and father of three wonderful daughters and one son. Bobby was raised in a Christian home, and around age 8 prayed a “sinner’s prayer” and was told if he meant it then he was saved and would always be saved.  He walked in darkness loving his sin for over 20 years until God granted him true repentance and faith and made him a new creation in Christ in January of 2009. Glory to God alone!

Bobby attended Living Waters’ Ambassador’s Academy in August 2009 and is also grateful to God for the mentoring he has received from experienced evangelists around the world.  This will be his ninth Super Bowl Outreach and sixth as a team leader.  He has also had the privilege of speaking  and/or leading outreach teams at events like The Kentucky Derby, Fall for Greenville, London’s 2012 Summer Olympics, Wimbledon 2013, and several local churches to name a few..

Bobby is the founder of To the End of the Earth ministries and left his secular job to respond to the Lord’s call to full-time evangelistic service in January 2011.

His main mission fields are the Atlanta and Douglasville, GA areas, where he preaches on the campuses of the University of West Georgia, Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, at a nearby abortion clinic, and anywhere else people can be found.

He holds to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

His great desire is to by the grace of God is to honor Christ by loving his wife and children first while serving, encouraging, and equipping the local church. Bobby also works closely with Sports Fan Outreach International and Revival USA.  Contact Bobby via email at


Tom Sadowski – Denton, TX

Although blessed to have been raised in a stable, loving, and even religious home (to some extent), there was absolutely no exposure to the Bible itself in my upbringing, and thus, to biblical (true) Christianity. It was while in the U.S. Marine Corps, as a young (18) Marine private not too long out of boot camp, that I heard the Gospel declared for the very first time —via some open-air preachers in downtown San Diego, CA. Just seemed like pretty radical stuff to me at the time, no doubt: Bible thumpers. But that unforgettable night, which I still have some pretty vivid recollection of, most surely shook the small world I was then living in, at least to some extent. Less than a month later, by the grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit (and human instrumentality of my two roommates in the barracks in North Carolina where I was by then stationed), I came to true, biblical repentance and saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Well, that (1975) was over 41 years ago! “Time flies,” indeed. Shortly after moving from my home state of Michigan to Texas in 1981, where I have lived ever since, I met my wife Betty at a Bible camp meeting in Louisiana, to whom I have now been married for nearly 33 years. We have six mostly grown children (31 down to 17), and two precious, delightful granddaughters. Not long after moving to TX, I was providentially brought under the teaching/preaching of the “doctrines of grace” (aka “Calvinism”) in the church I began attending in Denton, TX, which, more than anything I believe, greatly elevated my understanding of the spiritual world, and really all of life, from a mostly MAN-centered view of it all to a much more GOD-centered and GOD-exalting view of everything that pertains to our lives in this lower, temporal world.

It was under such a theological framework of “religious instruction,” if you will, that I first began to be burdened for the lost souls of people, mostly young kids/teenagers at the time, and first open-air preached, on the “main drag” here in Denton where they congregated in droves in those days, in the summer of 1984, with one, another dear brother (and later, with another brother for perhaps a few years or so) from the local church we all faithfully attended. Approximately five or so years after the initial evangelistic experience, I first began preaching at the main local university here in Denton, from which I had graduated, as an English major, a year or two before. (Preaching at university campuses especially intimidated me in the earliest years of such evangelism . . . not that doing it elsewhere was “a piece of cake,” by any means.)

Nearly twenty years later (with lots of M-F/9-to-5 sort of employment, intensive child rearing, learning to be a better husband, and a number of years spent in “Dungeon Seminary” [long story] in between), in the amazing providence of God, I met some solid brothers in Christ in downtown Dallas in October 2008, independently doing street evangelism there (I was there with one other man). This was a truly noteworthy encounter, as it began to open up a whole new world of evangelistic opportunities that I never even knew existed: big sporting events like the Super Bowl, the summer Olympics, and the World Series; organized “campus tours” to preach and minister at multiple universities in close (or relatively close) geographical proximity; evangelism at foreign countries such as Jamaica, the United Kingdom, and Ireland; as well as at other venues such as at abortion clinics, “gay pride” parades, etc.

Specifically with Sports Fan Outreach International, I have been blessed to participate at seven out of the last eight Super Bowls (in order: Tampa, Miami, Dallas-Ft. Worth, (Indianapolis—missed), New Orleans, New York City, Phoenix, and San Francisco); the rugby World Cup in New Zealand nearly five years ago; the Olympics in London (summer of 2012); and other events, plus, God willing, the summer Olympics coming up here in a few more months in Rio Di Janeiro, Brazil. Also hoping to preach some outdoors in Israel in less than a month with a brother in the Lord, as he and I and our wives will travel there as part of a big tour group.

I hope it goes without saying (but I will indeed say it nonetheless) that all such evangelism is not “an end” in itself. Rather, CHRIST, and our need—EVERYONE’s desperate and urgent need of Him in His atoning, saving work upon the Cross—is the end. May the Gospel of Christ, our merciful and great Redeemer, be continuously advanced, while we have breath in our lungs. And to GOD alone be all of the glory, honor, and praise, for evermore.


Joseph R. Toy, Jr. – Folcroft, PA

Joe grew up in Shillington, PA and attended First EC Church of Reading. He is a 1978 graduate of Governor Mifflin High School. In 1982, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from Millersville University. In the spring of 1982 as a senior in college, Joe committed his life to Jesus Christ. Upon graduation, Joe began his career as an accountant in Trenton, NJ. During this time, he attended Newtown Community Church in Newtown, PA. While attending this church, Joe felt the call to full time ministry. He left his job to attend Moody Bible Institute for a 3-week seminar on Urban Evangelism with plans to attend Evangelical Seminary in the fall of 1984. When Joe returned from Moody, he began a street ministry in the city of Reading called Inner City Campaigners. From this street ministry, an outreach to children and teens began at First EC of Reading called The Source. This ministry continued from 1984 to 1988 when Joe moved to Philadelphia, PA. Joe began his theological studies at Evangelical in 1984 and ended in 1987. During this time, Joe became a commissioned missionary and a licensed preacher in the Evangelical Congregational Church in May of 1985.

In 1985, Joe and Wendy met at Evangelical Seminary while working on his Masters of Divinity studies. They were married at the chapel at Evangelical on March 22, 1986. Joe and Wendy have five sons. Jared(1987), Seth(1989), Ethan(1989), Aaron(1991) and Adam(1984). The boys were primarily home schooled from 1991 to 2013. Both Jared and Seth serve in The U.S. Coast Guard. Ethan is a career firefighter/paramedic in Currituck County, North Carolina. Aaron is employed at Wellesley Assisted care Facility as a food services manager. Adam serves in the U.S. Air Force. Joe and Wendy have been blessed with six grandchildren named: Forest, Joseph Conner, Morgan, Savannah and Jackson.

In 1988, Joe and Wendy moved to Philadelphia to begin an association With Open Air Campaigners. During this time, they worked in an internship status with this mission board. The ministry of Open Air Campaigners is to do the work of Evangelism and to train others in Evangelism in an urban setting. This association lasted until 1992 when Joe resigned because of doctrinal issues that conflicted with the EC Church. Upon resolution of the proposed doctrinal changes within OAC, Joe served as an associate evangelist with them until 2000. Joe now serves on the board of directors of OAC, Inc. At this point Joe became one of the few Evangelical Congregational Church Denominational missionaries, which is a status that continued until 2008. In 1993, Joe established a ministry called Open Air Ministries-Philadelphia. Now Joe has formed his own 501c non-profit corporation called Open Air Ministries, Inc from 2009 until the present day.

Joe’s ministry is primarily evangelistic by nature. Outreach is conducted at bus stops, subways, college campuses, center city, parades, events, neighborhoods, parks and other areas in and around the Metro Philadelphia Area. Joe does weekly outreach in Camden, NJ and in the summer conducts outreach at the New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware beach resorts. Through the years, Joe has been involved in the Philadelphia Port Ministry from 1988 to 2001. Also, much outreach has been done in inner city neighborhoods with children. Joe was a co-pastor for Metro Kids an outdoor kid’s church in various locations in Philadelphia from 2007 to 2011. Many times a year Joe travels to national events such as Mardi Gras, Indy 500, Spring Break Florida, Senior Week in Ocean City, MD and others to share the gospel. Another large part of Joe’s work is training others in evangelism. Joe spends a number of weeks each year training youth groups, college students, missionary candidates and others in evangelism. Some of these groups spend time with in Philly for a day or a week. The summer is especially busy with hosting these teams, including a number of EC Church youth groups. Joe and Wendy and Aaron live in Folcroft, which is in Delaware County, PA. Folcroft is located very close to the Philadelphia Airport. They attend Crossroads Community Church, which is in Upper Darby.