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SBO Registration Page

What to do to register for an event:

First, read the Roles of Men and Women.

Second, please only register if you can and will attend SBO ’20 if your application is approved.

Third, if you have previously attended the SBO email Hannah at: and indicate you want to attend SBO ’20. You will receive an email confirming your application was received.

Fourth, if this is your first SBO and you have not registered previously please complete the registration form on this page:  SBO Registration.

Fifth, two references are required for everyone. One from your Pastor testifying you are a member in good standing, and the other from your spouse or if you are single from your employer or someone else in authority in your life.

These are the guidelines for spousal and other references for SBO ’20. When you ask for references they must answer the question to your particular situation. Clink on the link that applies to you:

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