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Super Bowl Outreach!

Do you have a passion for souls to hear the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and be called to repent and believe? If so join SFOI in Tampa, FL this February 4 – 7, 2021 to proclaim the Gospel to the Super Bowl 55 fans.

For detailed information for this year’s SBO visit: SBO ’21.

If you are ready to register visit: SBO ’21 Registration.

The Super Bowl Outreach [SBO] is an annual four day evangelistic outreach held in the Super Bowl host city. The preeminent goal is for the fans in the host city to hear the Gospel, be ministered to in the moment and Lord willing be referred to a Bible teaching church for discipleship.

Ministry takes place in the streets of the host city which are filled with fans going to and from official Super Bowl events like the NFL Experience, concerts in the downtown park and all types of unofficial events.  Official estimates are the 1,000,000 people visit the host city the week of the Super Bowl.  Evangelism methods include open-air preaching, distributing tracts and one to one conversations. Here are photos from the last four SBOs: SBO Photos.

The SBO consists of fellowship, teaching and outreach and is designed for each participant to grow in their faith (John 15:8), increase in their knowledge of our great God and Savior (John 17:3) and have plenty of opportunities to improve as evangelists. This design is manifested in the schedule for the four days.

The three distinctives of the SBO:

Fellowship: SBO’s goal is to encourage fellowship and provide an environment where the Saints have the opportunity to get to know each other.  This is accomplished by having everyone stay in the same facility; travel and labor together in teams; share meals  and pray together.

Teaching: The SBO seeks to bring in Pastors and Professors to teach us Thursday evening and Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. The goal is to hear from men who are experts in their field in a particular topic or who are specialists in the theme of that year’s SBO.

Outreach: The SBO’s outreach is conducted Friday and Saturday in the area of the city where events like the NFL Experience are held to attract fans from the area.  On Sunday outreach is normally at the stadium. Outreach time is Friday and Saturday from Noon – 8 and Sunday from 11:00 – AM – Kickoff.

SBO Leadership:

Team Leaders are selected after Memorial Day.  They are given the responsibility of leading and preparing their teams from Labor Day weekend through the SBO’s completion on Super Bowl Sunday. Team Leaders are to be men who have distinguished themselves in their own ministry wherever they may live. Team Leaders can change from year to year.

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